My View From The Pool… But Not Anymore

I love swimming! I love swimming with my kids and husband. But I find myself not jumping in. Here’s my view from the pool.

ash in pool

andrew in pool 2

Why? It’s pretty obvious. I’m a mom, a mom who does work out, but who doesn’t feel as comfortable in a swim suit as I used to. Why can’t I get over the hump of worrying about what I look like? Why would I choose to sit in the heat, watching the fun, saying “no” to my kids when they ask me to come in? Why? Why? Why?

Well, no more, I say. Who cares! If I don’t look perfect, who cares! The reality is that nobody cares, so why should I?

Here’s what I’m not willing to give up:
-I won’t give up laughing in the pool with my kids
-I won’t give up seeing my kids in the pool firsthand
-I won’t give up jumping off the diving board while my kids look on and may be thinking, ‘mom’s pretty cool.’
-I won’t give up being in the pool with the most important people in my life; Jackson, Asher and Andrew
-I won’t give up those silly and interesting conversations in the pool
-I won’t give up all the games we play in the pool
-I won’t give up playing with my kids

So mamas, join me in taking the plunge! And for all those moms who are way ahead of me and my realization, thanks for the push!

Now to the mall, to find the best suit I can!


  1. Cascia @ The Healthy Moms Mag says

    Great post! I wish I had a pool. It looks like your family is having a fun summer.

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