“Can We Talk?” Part 3

Got in-law issues? In Part 3 of SMN’s series, “Can We Talk?” Rhona Berens, PhD, discusses the in-law relationship and how you can navigate your way through it. Berens explains if you can get to the bottom of what your needs are, you can manage this very sensitive relationship. Watch the video.

All this week, SuperMommyNot.com will be featuring the series, “Can We Talk?” to give moms and dads a new way to reconnect and focus on their relationships.

Rhona Berens, PhD, CPCC, Parent Advocate & mom is giving parents the tools to model a healthy and happy relationship. Rhona is also the founder of the Parent Alliance® http://www.parentalliance.com

Day one, we focused on reconnecting with the person you fell in love with. Here’s that link: http://www.supermommynot.com/can-we-talk”

Day two, we focused on reconnecting with your spouse or partner via conflict. Here’s that link: http://www.supermommynot.com/can-we-talk-part-2″

If you like what you hear and want more advice from Rhona Berens, she is offering a complimentary Individual or Relationship Coaching Session by phone, online video or in person in Los Angeles. Contact Rhona at rhona@parentalliance.com to redeem your complimentary session!

Below are some of the topics Rhona covers with parents:

Can We Talk? Communication Tips to Sustain Our Relationships and Strengthen Our Parenting

Who Does What? Reducing Conflict Over Housework and Childcare

Co-Parenting as Co-Leadership Getting Down to Business with Our Relationships and Families

Fight “Right” The Power of Good Conflict to Improve Our Relationships and Parenting

Baby-Proof Your Relationship What Expecting Couples Need to Know to Survive the 4th Trimester & Beyond


  1. Matt Steiner - Launch Education says

    Will definitely give this a look-see. My bf’s mom is tough, so I could use some advice!…Especially before we stay in her house in Oklahoma this summer. Hope you’re well, Donna! :)

      • Matt Steiner, Launch Education Group says

        Just watched. That bit about re-framing complaints as unsatisfied wishes or earnest desires is SO helpful. I’m going to steal it! :)

        Haha, and you’re the cute one, I’m afraid.


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