Back-To-School Eye Health

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Back-to-school means heading back to the pediatrician for check-ups and visiting the dentist… but what about your kids’ eyes? SuperMommyNot takes a look at eye health and what every parent needs to know. Sunglasses aren’t only cool, but necessary! Watch the video! Eye Health Facts: Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam: Only 7% of kids have had [...]

Seconds Of Summer SATISFACTION 2!

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All Summer long, here at we will be sharing “Seconds of Summer SATISFACTION” videos. We hope these happy Summer moments will make you smile and remember to take in every second of your Summer! Summer is a celebration for kids, so let’s CELEBRATE! In this week’s Seconds of Summer SATISFACTION: -Putting Triple Play- it [...]

Foodstirs Earns Brownie Points In Our House!

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Foodstirs, best known for stirring up food and fun, definitely earned some serious Brownie Points in our house after we tested out their Summer Popsicle Kit featuring Brownie Popsicles! Here’s a look! Not only were these brownie popsicles fun to make, but delicious too! What is Foodstirs? A culinary experience for families who have an [...]

Summer Book Club For KIDS!


Summer is here! And it’s all about fun and exploration, but how can you keep your kid’s brain plugged in? How about a book club? We just started our own book club- BOYS ONLY – and the kids are off and READING! Their first selection, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Extension activities and rating the [...]