Puppy or Not?

jack with addie

“Mom! Dad! Can we get a puppy?” If you’re a parent, it’s likely you’ve heard this question at least once if not hundreds of times! BUT are you really ready for a puppy? Turns out…. training a puppy isn’t as easy as training a dragon! Check out the video below: this is advice from my […]

Sneaking in More Family Time

karate smn

Every parent wishes they had a little extra time to spend with their kiddos. Some way to sneak in special memories or moments beyond holidays, vacations and family celebrations. So… what if you could? Check out the video below and see how my boys and I are Karate Kids… Kinda…

Leprechaun Trap: DIY Kid Style


It’s not very often that one of my sons pitches me a story for SuperMommyNot, but today Asher was ready to show the world how to make the perfect Leprechaun trap. He just turned six and has decided he’s got what it takes to show and tell “DIY Kid Style.” It took him about a […]

12 Weeks to Read a Million Words: Ready, Set, Go!

million word challenge

Need some ideas to get your kids reading more? The Million Word Challenge encourages children, preschool – 12th grade, to read MILLIONS of words outside of school between February 17, 2015 and May 8, 2015. By reading together as a family, parents can help improve their children’s literacy skills and improve their chances of graduating […]

Funny Valentine: Last Minute DIY

valentine 2

It’s a crazy week leading up to Valentine’s Day: classroom party preps, valentines and celebration! So how about setting up your kids for a fast DIY valentine? My two boys (6 and 7) love making valentines, but it can get taxing on everyone when the project is too complicated. So here’s our version of a […]